Corneal Transplant

The front layer of the eye is known as the cornea. Vision/ eye-sight is reduced from corneal disorders like infections, corneal injuries and degenerative diseases. Corneal Transplant is recommended for the patients suffering from scarred, swollen or damaged cornea. A corneal transplant can be an effective means of restoring vision. In a corneal transplant the damaged cornea is replaced with a healthy graft.

Shifa Corneal Transplant Center has performed over 900 Corneal Transplants to date by providing quality and integrated care to the patients. We work in close collaboration with HOTA (Human Organ Transplant Authority) to ensure high quality and standards in donor cornea harvesting and transplantation.

Shifa Ophthalmology department has qualified &foreign trained consultants and physicians specializing in diagnosing & treating cataracts, glaucoma, cancers of the eye, diseases of the eyelid, macular hole treatment, etc.

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